Sharp has been working on solar energy for industrial use since 1959. The sense of responsibility for the environment makes Sharp Solar a global driving force in the research and development of photovoltaics. At the same time, Sharp Solar is striving to become a “zero global warming impact company” – saving just as much greenhouse gas emissions as the company produces worldwide.

Sharp Solar PV modules are installed in over 130 satellites, in over 1,200 lighthouses, in road traffic and industrial applications, in public buildings and apartment blocks. The wide range of applications proves the fact that Sharp Solar PV modules can be integrated into many different environments.

Sharps ambitious efforts are based on a strong commitment to the environment. The Sharp Corporation is on the way to becoming a “Green Company” and places a high value on the design of recyclable products and increased promotion of innovative recycling technologies in particular.

Polycrystalline series of Sharp Solar photovoltaic modules are designed for applications with a high power requirement. These polycrystalline quality modules produce a sustained, reliable yield even under demanding deployment conditions. All Sharp Solar polycrystalline and Monocrystalline modules offer optimal system integration – both technically and economically – and are suitable for installation in grid-coupled systems.

Sharp Solar photovoltaic solar panels made in Europe and Japan with the highest quanlity Standards.

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