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Canadian Solar TOPBiHiKu7

Bifacial Module N-type TOPCon

The Canadian Solar TOPBiHiKu7 is a high efficiency solar panel. It features innovative technology, which allows more cells to be placed on the panel and therefore produce more energy. The panel also has a bifacial design, which means that it can produce electricity from both the front and the back, further increasing its efficiency.

This panel is ideal for large-scale solar projects where maximizing power output is critical. It is also a good choice for residential and commercial properties with limited roof space but high energy demands. The panel’s durability, with a strong aluminum frame and tempered glass, makes it suitable for installation in a variety of weather conditions.

Canadian Solar is a reputable solar panel manufacturer with a long history of producing reliable, high quality products. The TOPBiHiKu7 is no exception and comes with a 25-year warranty, which adds to its value proposition.


Bifacial module up to 695W

– 210 mm wafer 132/120 TOPCon double cell N-type technology
– Front side power up to 695 W
– Up to 85% bifacial power, more power from the rear side

Higher energy efficiency, lower LCOE

– Low temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.29%/℃, more energy in warmer weather
– 2% higher energy production than PERC
– Approximately 2.3% lower LCOE than PERC

Increased reliability

– Minimises the impact of cellular micro-cracks in the module
– snow loads up to 5,400Pa, wind loads up to 2,400Pa

Power range: 615W – 635W

CS7L-615TB-AG – 615w

CS7L-620TB-AG – 620w

CS7L-625TB-AG – 625w

CS7L-630TB-AG – 630w

CS7L-635TB-AG – 635w

Power range: 675W – 695W 

CS7N-675TB-AG – 675w

CS7N-680TB-AG – 680w

CS7N-685TB-AG – 685w

CS7N-690TB-AG – 690w

CS7N-695TB-AG – 695w

12 years product warranty and 30 years performance warranty