JINKO TigerPro

Jinko Solar’s Tiger Pro series of high power, high efficiency single-facial and double-facial solar panels.

They are characterised by the highest energy efficiency in the photovoltaic industry, as the Tiger Pro module series can boast an efficiency of up to 21.6%.

An advantage of Jinko Solar’s Tiger Pro module is the low power degradation. The degradation in the first year of the module’s life is 2% and from the second year onwards 0.55%.

The Tiger Pro series also features Multi Bus Bar technology in its modules. This technology reduces the effective power loss.

Jinko Solar TIGER Pro modules integrate one of the most cutting-edge and revolutionary technological advances in the sector: the Tiling Ribbon (TR), which eliminates the gaps between the cells in order to increase the efficiency of the module.

In addition, the ribbon used is circular. This means that the cells overlap to eliminate the spaces between them.

Finally, the innovative Tiger Pro series of high-efficiency modules received the first IEC 61701 Ed. 3 (FDIS) salt spray corrosion test issued by TÜV Nord AG.

This certification reflects how rugged and reliable Tiger Pro modules are in their ability to withstand extreme corrosion.

Tiger Pro Mono Facial 54 HC
Power range 395W – 415W

JKM395M-54HC – 395w

JKM400M-54HC – 400w

JKM405M-54HC – 405w

JKM410M-54HC – 410w

JKM415M-54HC – 415w

Tiger Pro Mono Facial 60HC
Power range 440W – 460W

JKM440M-60HC – 440W

JKM445M-60HC – 445W

JKM450M-60HC – 450W

JKM455M-60HC – 455W

JKM460M-60HC – 460W

Tiger Pro Monofacial 72 HC
Power range 550W – 570W

JKM550M-72HC – 550w

JKM555M-72HC – 555w

JKM560M-72HC – 560w

JKM565M-72HC – 565w

JKM570M-72HC – 570w

Tiger Pro 72HC-BDVP BiFacial
Power range 535W – 555W

JKM535M-72HC-BDVP – 535w

JKM540M-72HC-BDVP – 540w

JKM545M-72HC-BDVP – 545w

JKM550M-72HC-BDVP – 550w

JKM555M-72HC-BDVP – 555w