SolaX Power has grown year on year to become a globally recognised international company with offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Australia and the USA.

Products are designed, tested and manufactured to the highest quality standards worldwide. Its products have been awarded more than 500 national and international certificates. Exporting to more than 80 countries and regions.

This growth reflects the increased demand for renewable energy products worldwide. SolaX Power strives every day to remain at the forefront of the solar energy revolution with a strong commitment to research and development to ensure that its products remain the market-leading solution.

The manufacturer is considered a leader in the development, production and distribution of solar inverters and batteries for electrical energy storage. The brand incorporates the latest technologies thanks to its focus on R&D, offering the best inverter and battery technology.

SolaX inverters stand out for their interesting features in installations of the most varied characteristics. The wholesaler, while being able to offer inverters in line with its competitors, has decided to offer products that offer a plus, for example, SolaX grid-connected inverters have an attractive price, technical features and compatibility in those grid-connected installations where you do not want to work with batteries, making them probably the most cost-effective systems on the market.

Solax Power envisions a clean and sustainable future powered by renewable energy. By pushing the boundaries with what is possible in solar inverter technology, SolaX Power has been able to produce some of the most efficient solar inverters on the market today, allowing our customers to take even more advantage of clean, free energy.