Official distributor of photovoltaic solar panels. The panels distributed by Vico Export Solar Energy come from the most relevant and pioneering manufacturers in the solar sector worldwide.

Photovoltaic solar panels are a clean and renewable form of energy. They require very low maintenance and have a very long life span, which makes them an excellent choice for power generation in remote locations, where the power supply is not stable or where the cost of energy is high.

In addition, the installation of solar photovoltaic panels contributes to the fight against climate change, as they do not emit greenhouse gases during operation. They are also improvements for the economy, as they reduce dependence on fossil fuels and generate employment in the renewable energy industry.

At Vico Export Solar Energy, we work closely with the world’s leading brands, which allows us to offer the most innovative, efficient and sustainable technologies in the solar photovoltaic sector.

Photovoltaic solar panels with Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline Ptype, Ntype, PERC, Bifacial, String Ribbon® HJT hyper-ion or Amorphous Thin Film cells certified by international laboratories with a minimum of 12 years of product warranty and 25 years of performance.

Modules valid for grid-connected photovoltaic installations or stand-alone photovoltaic installations. Our main brands are: Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar, Iberian Solar, Risen Energy, Sharp, JA Solar… among others.

In short, photovoltaic solar panels are a renewable, sustainable and profitable energy option that contribute to the fight against climate change and sustainable economic development.

Distributor of photovoltaic solar panels.
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