Sunfer’s fixing structures are one of the most innovative solutions for photovoltaic solar panel structures. The fixing structures allow cost savings in photovoltaic solar installations, the supports are delivered ready to assemble, allowing to reduce assembly times and the total costs of the photovoltaic installation. All the products that leave their facilities are 100% made in Spain, with European materials.

There are models available for every type of installation, for all types of roofs, tile roofs, sheet metal, sandwich panel, for ground installations, wall supports, poles… they can also be adapted to any type of inclination, from coplanar models for roofs with inclination, to models with adjustable inclination for customised installations.

Sunfer uses two types of aluminium finishes, raw aluminium and anodised aluminium. Aluminium anodising is a surface treatment used to protect the material from the action of external agents, such as atmospheric phenomena. Mechanical protection against wear and corrosion, hardness against the action of the environment and natural resources.

Generation of electrically insulating protection.

Ballasted roof structures, ground driven and concrete footings are also available.

New in canopies for photovoltaic car parks.

SUNFER ESTRUCTURAS S.L. has the CE marking certification and the ISO 9001:2015 certification that guarantees both the design and manufacture of all our structures. And certified ISO 14001:2015 SUNFER complies with the Eurocode 9 regulations, regulations applied to each country CTE, ETN, RSA…

Estructuras premontadas Sunfer