Jinko Solar Tiger Neo N-type Bifacial

Jinko Solar is one of the world’s largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers. Founded in 2006, the company is headquartered in Shanghai, but operates globally with a significant presence on all continents and has production sites in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the United States. This quality manufacturer is continuously building a safe and sustainable supply chain.

Jinko Solar’s integrated production management system not only ensures a high degree of product quality and reliability, but also provides greater flexibility to cope with fluctuations in demand and new technologies.

The panel is a state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic panel that uses N-type solar cells and is bifacial, which means it can capture sunlight on both the front and the back of the panel.

This design allows it to generate electricity more efficiently by harnessing direct solar radiation at the front and reflected solar radiation at the back, making it suitable for commercial and residential solar installations seeking to maximise energy production.

Jinko Solar Tiger Neo N-Type Bifacial panels are known for their high performance, durability and ability to generate power effectively in a variety of weather conditions.

Jinko Solar Tiger Neo N-type Bifacial 54HL4-BDV

Jinko Solar JKM420N-54HL4-BDV – 420w

Jinko Solar JKM425N-54HL4-BDV – 425w

Jinko Solar JKM430N-54HL4-BDV – 430w

Jinko Solar JKM435N-54HL4-BDV – 435w

Jinko Solar JKM440N-54HL4-BDV – 440w

Jinko Solar Tiger Neo N-type Bifacial 72HL4-BDV

Jinko Solar JKM570N-72HL4-BDV – 570w

Jinko Solar JKM575N-72HL4-BDV – 575w

Jinko Solar JKM580N-72HL4-BDV – 580w

Jinko Solar JKM585N-72HL4-BDV – 585w

Jinko Solar JKM590N-72HL4-BDV – 590w

Jinko Solar Tiger Neo N-type Bifacial  78HL4-BDV

Jinko Solar JKM615N-78HL4-BDV – 615w

Jinko Solar JKM620N-78HL4-BDV – 620w

Jinko Solar JKM625N-78HL4-BDV – 625w

Jinko Solar JKM630N-78HL4-BDV – 630w

Jinko Solar JKM635N-78HL4-BDV – 635w