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Tiger Pro P-Type Bifacial with Dual Glass / Half Cell​

JINKO SOLAR’s Tiger Pro P-Type Bifacial is at the cutting edge of photovoltaic technology. Designed to maximise efficiency and energy production, this bifacial solar panel harnesses light from both sides, significantly increasing energy yield.

With high efficiency, this module is one of the most powerful options on the market. Half-cell technology reduces power loss and improves shading tolerance, while mosaic ribbon technology eliminates intercellular space to further increase module efficiency.

The use of dual glass not only provides greater durability and longer life, but also allows the panel to capture reflected light, resulting in additional energy gain. In addition, its design allows the panel to operate more efficiently even in low light conditions.

Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications, the Tiger Pro P-Type Bifacial is an excellent choice for those looking for a sustainable, high-performance energy solution.

Power Range: 535W – 555W

Jinko Solar JKM535N-72HC-BDVP – 535w

Jinko Solar JKM540N-72HC-BDVP – 540w

Jinko Solar JKM545N-72HC-BDVP – 545w

Jinko Solar JKM550N-72HC-BDVP – 550w

Jinko Solar JKM555N-72HC-BDVP – 555w

Jinko Tiger Pro