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Tiger Pro P-Type Monofacial / Half Cell​

Jinko Tiger Pro P-Type Monofacial solar panels represent one of the most advanced technologies in the solar energy market. These panels are designed to offer ultra-high power output and exceptional efficiency of 21.4%1, making them an ideal choice for maximising return on investment (IRR) and minimising levelised cost of electricity (LCOE).

One of the most outstanding features of Tiger Pro panels is their Tiling Tape Technology (TR), which eliminates cell spacing to significantly increase module efficiency. In addition, Multi Busbar Technology (MBB) reduces resistance loss, which contributes to their superior performance.

These panels also feature a positive power tolerance of 0~+3% and are certified under ISO9001:2015 quality standards, ISO14001:2015 environmental management and ISO45001:2018 occupational health and safety management systems2. With the combination of these technologies and certifications, Jinko Tiger Pro P-Type Monofacial / Half Cell panels are a robust and reliable solution for large-scale solar power projects and for users seeking maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

54 HC
Power range: 395W – 415W

JKM395M-54HC – 395w

JKM400M-54HC – 400w

JKM405M-54HC – 405w

JKM410M-54HC – 410w

JKM415M-54HC – 415w

Power range: 450W – 470W

JKM450M-60HC – 450W

JKM455M-60HC – 455W

JKM460M-60HC – 460W

JKM465M-60HC – 465W

JKM470M-60HC – 470W

72 HC
Power range: 550W – 570W

JKM550M-72HC – 550w

JKM555M-72HC – 555w

JKM560M-72HC – 560w

JKM565M-72HC – 565w

JKM570M-72HC – 570w

Jinko Tiger Pro