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Tiger Neo TOPCon Monofacial / Half Cell​

Jinko Solar Tiger Neo TOPCon Monofacial solar panels not only offer exceptional energy efficiency, but are also a testament to a commitment to innovation and sustainability.

TOPCon technology is at the heart of these panels, providing ultra-high power generation capacity and ensuring that every ray of sunshine is converted into usable energy. Improved reliability and low degradation are key features that ensure the panels maintain their performance over time, with a first-year degradation of ≤ 1% and a linear degradation of -0.4%.

The optimized temperature coefficient of -0.29%/℃ means that the panels operate efficiently even in high temperature conditions. This is crucial for areas with hot climates where panel efficiency can be affected by heat.

By choosing Jinko Solar Tiger Neo TOPCon Monofacial solar panels, you’re not only investing in cutting-edge technology, you’re also supporting a greener future. With a 30-year power warranty, you can be confident that your investment will be safe and contribute to a positive environmental impact for decades to come.

Power range: 430W – 450W

Jinko Solar JKM430N-54HL4-V – 430w

Jinko Solar JKM435N-54HL4-V – 435w

Jinko Solar JKM440N-54HL4-V – 440w

Jinko Solar JKM445N-54HL4-V – 445w

Jinko Solar JKM450N-54HL4-V – 450w

 54HL4R-B All Black
Power range: 425W – 445W

Jinko Solar JKM425N-54HL4R-B – 425W

Jinko Solar JKM430N-54HL4R-B – 430W

Jinko Solar JKM435N-54HL4R-B – 435W

Jinko Solar JKM440N-54HL4R-B – 440W

Jinko Solar JKM445N-54HL4R-B – 445W

Power range: 470W – 490W

Jinko Solar JKM470N-60HL4-V  – 470W

Jinko Solar JKM475N-60HL4-V  – 475W

Jinko Solar JKM480N-60HL4-V  – 480W

Jinko Solar JKM485N-60HL4-V  – 485W

Jinko Solar JKM490N-60HL4-V  – 490W

Power range: 605W – 630W

Jinko Solar JKM605N-66HL4M-V – 605w

Jinko Solar JKM610N-66HL4M-V – 610w

Jinko Solar JKM615N-66HL4M-V – 615w

Jinko Solar JKM620N-66HL4M-V – 620w

Jinko Solar JKM625N-66HL4M-V – 625w

Jinko Solar JKM630N-66HL4M-V – 630w

Power range: 570W – 590W

Jinko Solar JKM570N-72HL4-V – 570w

Jinko Solar JKM575N-72HL4-V – 575w

Jinko Solar JKM580N-72HL4-V – 580w

Jinko Solar JKM585N-72HL4-V – 585w

Jinko Solar JKM590N-72HL4-V – 590w

Power range: 615W – 635W

Jinko Solar JKM615N-78HL4-V – 615W

Jinko Solar JKM620N-78HL4-V – 620W

Jinko Solar JKM625N-78HL4-V – 625W

Jinko Solar JKM630N-78HL4-V – 630W

Jinko Solar JKM635N-78HL4-V – 635W

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