Single-phase hybrid inverter 3.0 – 5.0 + battery SBR064.

The single-phase hybrid solution excels both economically and technically. Sungrow’s hybrid inverters have a wide MPPT window between 40 and 560V, so they get the most out of solar energy in both winter and summer. Its 2 independent MPPTs and 16A input current make it compatible with high power modules and flexible to adapt to string strings of different orientation. However, one of the main advantages of Sungrow inverters is their quick and easy installation. The device has an integrated spirit level to easily fix the wall bracket properly. Once the inverter is in place, there is no need to open it as all connections are external and with a convenient Plug&Play system.

The speed and simplicity of installation of the inverter is only comparable to that of the Sungrow battery itself. The SBR064 battery is a modular high voltage battery made of LFP cells. This solution has a 30A discharge and IP65 protection rating. When you have to install a Sungrow battery you can forget about wiring as each 3.2kWh module is simply placed on top of the other like a Lego. It’s that easy! As if that wasn’t enough, each module has convenient handles for easy handling, as well as a reduced weight of 33kg.

Another major benefit of Sungrow’s single-phase solution is that the backup system is integrated into the inverter, so there is no need to install any additional components for operation. All you need is an inverter and a battery. In addition, in the event of a blackout the system is able to supply the nominal power of the inverter to the selected loads. The transition is less than 10ms. You won’t even notice that the switch has been made.

Regarding monitoring, the combo includes the Winet-S communication dongle and the S100 meter. The Winet-S combines WiFi and Ethernet so you can install it the way you prefer. In addition, you can perform the commissioning either on-site or fully online and hybrid (start in the field and finish remotely). To visualise the data, Sungrow has the free iSolarCloud app for web and mobile.

The entire system comes with a 10-year warranty. This solution is also compatible with Sungrow’s 7kW single-phase electric chargers.

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