Jinko Solar: Leader in PV module reliability.

Recognised for the tenth consecutive time as a leader in PV module reliability.    (“Jinko Solar”), one of the world’s largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers, has been recognised as a Top Performer in all reliability categories in the Photovoltaic Module Reliability Scorecard 2024 published by Kiwa PVEL. This is the tenth consecutive time […]

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Aiko Revolutionise the Solar Market

Aiko Revolutionise the Solar Market with its New ABC Modules Generation 2 Asian company Aiko has introduced its ABC Generation 2 N type solar modules, specifically in the ‘Aiko Neostar’, ‘Aiko Comet’ and ‘Aiko Stellar’ ranges, setting a new standard in performance for residential, commercial and industrial, and large-scale applications. With innovations that promise to […]

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Jinko Solar

Solar Evolution

Solar Evolution: Tiger Neo leads Advances in N-type Technology.   Solar energy has established itself as a leading contender in the renewable energy sector, thanks to its reliability and sustainability. With continuous and accelerating technological advances, solar panels are transforming, becoming ever more efficient and powerful. The most recent milestone in this evolution is the […]

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EP CUBE FLEXIBLE AND SMART RESIDENTIAL ENERGY STORAGE In the constant search for efficient and sustainable solutions for the home, EP CUBE emerges as a revolutionary energy storage system. Designed to offer simple and intelligent management of energy generation, consumption and storage in the residential environment, EP CUBE combines functionality, aesthetics and advanced technology. Discover […]

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New version of iSolarCloud

Sungrow launches new version of iSolarCloudd   As a leading global supplier of inverters and energy storage systems, Sungrow introduced the upgraded version of its iSolarCloud application on 1 September 2023. As an intelligent management and monitoring system developed by Sungrow, iSolarCloud enables comprehensive lifecycle management of PV and energy storage plants, including data collection, […]

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