Canadian Solar’s TOPCon modules have an output power of up to 690 W and a conversion efficiency of around 25.0 %, which is 1.5 % higher than the average cell efficiency of leading products on the market. TOPCon modules will increase the energy yield of PV systems and offer one of the most competitive BOS and LCOE cost savings for solar power plants compared to PERC modules.

The manufacturer will provide a diversified portfolio of TOPCon products to meet the needs of the residential, commercial and utility markets through 2023. The TOPCon portfolio includes the bifacial  TOPBiHiKu6(555W-570W) and monofacial TOPHiKu6 (420W-575W) modules based on 182 mm cells, and the bifacial TOPBiHiKu7 (615W-690W) modules based on 210 mm cells. TOPCon module shipments are expected to account for around 30 % of the company’s total module in 2023.

TOPCon modules will consolidate technology leadership, while further increasing customers’ return on investment:


  • TOPCon modules will perform better in warmer environments compared to the leading environments compared to the leading products on the market.
  • Anti LID (light induced degradation) related to boron and oxygen and therefore TOPCon modules will have less degradation.
  • The energy degradation of the TOPCon modules was only 1.0 % after 2000 hours of humidity and heat test (DH2000), compared to 1.9 % degradation of the PERC modules under a similar test.
  • The bifaciality of TOPCon bifacial modules can reach up to 85 %, with a significant power gain of about 2 % compared to PERC bifacial modules under similar field conditions.
  • 30-year limited performance warranty for TOPCon mono-facial modules compared to 25 years for conventional mono-facial products on the market.






Dr Shawn, President and CEO of Canadian Solar commented: “TOPCon modules will become one of our featured products with higher energy efficiency, lower LCOE and higher performance guarantee compared to leading products in the market. TOPCon modules will consolidate our competitiveness in terms of technology leadership and pricing power. We are committed to offer more high efficiency and high quality products to our customers, while contributing to combat climate change globally”.

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