Aiko Revolutionise the Solar Market

Aiko Revolutionise the Solar Market
with its New ABC Modules Generation 2

Asian company Aiko has introduced its ABC Generation 2 N type solar modules, specifically in the ‘Aiko Neostar’, ‘Aiko Comet’ and ‘Aiko Stellar’ ranges, setting a new standard in performance for residential, commercial and industrial, and large-scale applications. With innovations that promise to maximize efficiency and safety, these modules are poised to transform the solar industry.

Innovation in Partial Shading

One of the most outstanding advances of Aiko Solar’s Generation 2 modules is the partial shading optimization feature. This technology allows users to maximize energy production even in the most detrimental shading conditions. This feature is especially relevant in urban and suburban environments where shading may be unavoidable.

How does Partial Shading Optimization work?

According to tests by TÜV Nord, with a single fully shaded solar cell, ABC modules can generate 30% more energy compared to traditional technology. This significant increase in energy efficiency can translate into improved performance and long-term savings for users.

Enhanced Safety with Hot Spot Temperature Restriction

In addition to optimizing partial shading, the new second-generation ABC modules include a hot-spot temperature restriction. This feature ensures a lower module temperature, reducing the risk of fire, especially in shaded environments. Safety is a priority for Aiko, and this innovation underscores its commitment to protecting users and their installations.

Industry Leading Features

Generation 2 modules also have several industry-leading features:

  • Improved temperature coefficient of -0.26%/°C: This improvement allows the modules to maintain superior performance even at high temperatures.
  • Lower performance degradation: With a degradation of ≤ 1% in the first year and ≤ 0.35% annual degradation between year 2 and 30, the modules ensure long lifetime and consistent efficiency.
  • Increased resistance to micro-cracking: Ensuring durability and robustness of the modules against adverse conditions.

Get to know the Three Aiko Product Rangeso

‘Aiko Neostar’

Aimed at the residential market, this range offers power ratings from 440-470 W. Available in single-glass (2N/2P/2S) and double-glass (2S+) versions, it combines high power with an optimized module area.

‘Aiko Comet’

Aimed at the commercial and industrial market, it features rated powers from 600 to 630 W and very high module efficiencies of up to 23.9%. Its design ensures optimum utilization of roof space, resulting in a quick return on investment and higher profit over the life cycle. Available in single and double glazed versions.

‘Aiko Stellar’

This bifacial product, ideal for large-scale (utility) applications, offers power ratings from 620 to 640 W and efficiencies of up to 23.7%. Its design optimizes the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for different scenarios, including floating and coastal areas, thanks to its waterproof encapsulation, anti-corrosive frames and waterproof covers.

With these innovative Generation 2 ABC solar modules, Aiko is leading a significant change in solar energy technology. Improvements in partial shading optimization, hot-spot temperature restriction and advanced features ensure greater efficiency, safety and durability. As a result, both residential and industrial users can expect better performance, lower costs and a faster return on investment.

The arrival of these new module ranges marks a milestone in the solar industry, propelling Aiko to the forefront of technological development and offering sustainable and efficient energy solutions for a greener future.

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