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Canadian Solar BiHiKu7

High power dual-cell bifacial PERC module

Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 is a high-efficiency solar module that incorporates bifacial technology, which allows sunlight to be absorbed by both the front and the back of the panel. This leads to higher energy production compared to traditional modules, as well as better performance in low light conditions.

The BiHiKu7 module is ideal for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar projects. Its high power output and bifacial technology make it particularly valuable for installations where space is limited or where higher power output is desired. In addition, the module’s durability and reliability are enhanced by the use of mature technology and robust design.

Overall, the Canadian Solar BiHiKu7 is an advanced solar panel that offers exceptional efficiency and power output.

Canadian Solar BiHiKu7

Up to 665 W bifacial module

– 210 mm wafer + dual cell 132 / 120 + PERC technology
– Up to 665 W front power
– 25.7% higher lifetime energy yields

Lower cost BOS and LCOE

– 8.9% reduction in LCOE through higher energy efficiency and lower system cost
– Compatible with leading trackers and inverters

Increased reliability

– Up to 50% less degradation LID / LeTID mitigation
– Excellent hot spot performance
– Better shadow tolerance

Power range: 580 W ~ 610 W

CS7L580MB-AG – 580w

CS7L585MB-AG – 585w

CS7L590MB-AG – 590w

CS7L595MB-AG – 595w

CS7L600MB-AG – 600w

CS7L605MB-AG – 605w

CS7L610MB-AG – 610w

Power range: 640 W ~ 670 W

CS7N640MB-AG – 640w

CS7N645MB-AG – 645w

CS7N650MB-AG – 650w

CS7N655MB-AG – 655w

CS7N660MB-AG – 660w

CS7N665MB-AG – 665w

CS7N670MB-AG – 670w

12 years product warranty and 30 years performance warranty