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Canadian Solar TOPHiKu6

N-Type TOPCon single-face module

Canadian Solar TOPHiKu6 is another line of high-efficiency solar panels manufactured by Canadian Solar, one of the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers. These panels use monocrystalline silicon solar cells and feature a bar interconnection technology that reduces energy losses and improves panel efficiency.

Like the TOPBiHiKu6 line, TOPHiKu6 panels are also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as high winds and snow. They are certified to withstand snow loads up to 5400 Pa and winds up to 3600 Pa.

In summary, the TOPHiKu6 Canadian Solar panels are an excellent choice for those looking for high efficiency and power from their solar panels.


High power module

– Module power up to 580W,module efficiency up to 22.5%.
– No boron-oxygen LID and anti PID, less degradation.
– 16BB cell technology, better light capture and current collection, higher output power.

High energy efficiency, low LCOE

– Low temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.29%/℃, more energy in hot weather
– High energy generation
– Low BOS and LCOE

Increased reliability

– Minimises the impact of micro-cracks on module reliability
– Snow loads up to 5,400Pa, wind loads up to 2,400Pa

TOPHiKu6 CS6.1-54TD
Power range: 445 W ~ 470 W

CS6.1-54TD445 – 445W

CS6.1-54TD450 – 450W

CS6.1-54TD455 – 455W

CS6.1-54TD460 – 460W

CS6.1-54TD465 465W

CS6.1-54TD470 470W

TOPHiKu6 CS6.1-72TD
Power range: 595 W ~ 625 W

CS6.1-72TD590 – 590W

CS6.1-72TD590 – 595W

CS6.1-72TD590 – 600W

CS6.1-72TD590 – 605W

CS6.1-72TD590 – 610W

CS6.1-72TD590 – 615W

Power range: 570 W ~ 600 W

CS6W560T – 560W

CS6W565T – 565W

CS6W570T – 570W

CS6W575T – 575W

CS6W580T – 580W

Power range: 420 W ~ 440W

CS6R420T AB – 420W

CS6R425T AB – 425W

CS6R430T AB  – 430W

CS6R435T AB – 435W

CS6R440T AB – 440W

Power range: 425 W ~ 450W

CS6R425T – 425W

CS6R430T  – 430W

CS6R435T– 435W

CS6R440T  – 440W

CS6R445T– 445W

CS6R450T  – 450W

12 years product warranty and 30 years performance warranty