EP Cube Canadian Solar – All In One – 6.6kWh

EP Cube Canadian Solar – All In One – 6.6kW

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EP Cube Canadian Solar – All In One – 6.6kWh

Canadian Solar’s EP Cube represents a comprehensive solution for self-consumption solar power installations. This innovative product optimally combines the hybrid inverter and energy storage system in a single unit, specially designed for implementation in both new and existing home PV installations. In addition to its versatile design, the EP Cube line includes a Smart Gateway that acts as a monitoring system. This component tracks energy production and consumption in detail.

A complete solution with unmatched flexibility

The EP CUBE residential energy storage system aesthetically and compactly integrates a hybrid inverter, UPS and battery modules that are lightweight and stackable via plug & play connectors, offering a wide range of possibilities for every home.

Safe and reliable

The EP Cube uses lithium-ferrophosphate technology in its batteries. Thanks to a high level of quality controls, it is one of the safest and most reliable storage solutions on the market. Certified according to IEC standards and with IP65 protection, the EP Cube offers a system warranty of 10 years or 6,000 cycles at 80% of initial capacity.

Clean energy at your fingertips

Storing clean, renewable energy is now possible. With a comprehensive all-in-one design, EP Cube offers easy installation, simplified logistics and cost savings. At the same time, it reduces grid dependency, CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.

Non-stop power

The EP Cube detects power outages in real time, so it is always ready to provide backup power to your home. It also ensures the operation of even high-power appliances.

Perfect compatibility

With 2 MPPT and an input current of 16 A, the EP Cube is compatible with high-power modules, microinverters, optimizers and electric vehicle chargers. In addition, it can be integrated into both new and existing PV systems.

Intelligent Management

The EP Cube supports Ethernet and WiFi connection. Using the EP Cube App, it allows you to remotely manage your home’s energy consumption and monitor in real time the status of the storage system. It allows OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware updates.

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